Blade and Tool Sharpening Service

At Plymouth tools and spares we offer a blade sharpening service for all your garden and power tool machinery blades.

In store our technicians can sharpen lawnmower blades and chainsaw blades for £5 each, please do not bring the machines in as this will add an additional labour charge of £5.

All other blades are sent away by our team to be sharpened by the Experts. With their specialised machines and extensive knowledge they can provide the best service to create the greatest result.  

Plymouth tools and spares have blades collected once a week and they return the following , we ask that all blades are in store by 5pm friday . Estimates of cost can be requested but please allow an additional week.

Examples of blades that can be sent away:

TCT Blades, HHS Blades, Garden Sheers, Axes, Cutters, Saws, Chisels, Knives