Metabo's history stretches over more than three quarters of a century. It is mainly the history of a search for the most robust products with the longest service life.

Metabo offers a 3 year warrenty on all its products!!!!! And here at Plymouth Tools and Spares we are industrial stockiest giving us the advantage to bring you products at better prices

Metabo's Philosophy

The greatest factor for success since 1924:
In the early 20th century, there were no consistent quality standards for resources and bought-in parts. Because of this, Metabo found a special solution for the production of high-performance products: We decided to process our own resources and produce most formerly bought-in parts ourselves to ensure better quality standards. This led to tools with an extraordinarily long service time. We are still working according to this principle.

About Metabo - What we stand for

No matter where and how long you are working - in extremely cold regions, under tropical heat or on the hardest construction sites of the world - Metabo electric tools are always used where people have to rely on their tool. In more than 100 countries all over the world, craftsmen can rely every single day on the power and fety combined with innovative engineering and ergonomic design. Our engineers have designed tools always being supported by experienced craftsmen. This is the reason why our tools meet the special needs of our customers. It is always our highest aim and passion to improve all details for the craftsman.

There is one more advantage: being one of the few tool manufacturers with a full range of products, Metabo is able to offer the appropriate tool for every kind of work. No matter whether you have to do wood or metal working, you have to mount something or you need a gardening tool - Metabo meets your needs. You can select from a variety of tools. Of course you won't get it for a song - but you will make the right decision. We keep our word: you can always rely on your Metabo-tool when other electric tools already break down.

Metabo - Work. Don`t play.

In the future, electric tools will continue to play an important role in the formation of humankind's environment and surroundings.

Through innovation and optimization, electric tools will become more application-friendly, more ergonomic and safer.

Metabo offers the complete range of products from hand-held to stationary electric tools.

... Naturally, Metabo also offers the service that goes along with our tools and machines.

... By offering above-average products and services, we at Metabo are looking forward to an above-average market development.

... The development and the realization of our visions are based on the commitment of everyone at Metabo.